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The SkyDart 2S is simply the most exciting ultralight aircraft to ever hit the skies.


A roomy two seater, with a cruise speed up around 100 knots, it performs like a jet fighter.


The SkyDart ultralight aircraft kit is great value. At less than $25,000US or $33,000AUD (inc GST) it is ridiculously inexpensive but it's real worth is in the kit itself.


Every ultralight kit maker makes promises about their build times but imagine that in a weekend or two putting together your new SkyDart. Forget 300-500 hours, your ultralight SkyDart aircraft kit is so fast, the components so few, that it's more like lego.


Designed by the legendary Steve Cohen, one of Australia's most experienced and dedicated aircraft engineers, the SkyDart is strong and stable, though nimble enough to again and again amaze.

SkyDart 2s - Australia's value ultralight


Here at flyskydart.com we will provide you with all the help and support you need to make your Skydart experience as effortless as flying it. With our free message board and downloads, you'll be able to ask and receive help from our qualified engineers and designers.


Our classifieds and auctions are open to the entire ultralight aircraft community, an opportunity to buy and sell anything and everything to do with ultralights, absolutely FREE!


So visit us once, visit us often - you'll love the SkyDart.

SkyDart 2s - Australia's value ultralight










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Where's Wedderburn?

The SkyDart demonstration aircraft can be seen at Wedderburn Airtstrip NSW, Australia. How to get there

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SkyDart 2s - Australia's value ultralight