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A free gift from the divine


We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another - Jonathan Swift

At the Meditation Society of Australia, we believe meditation is sacred. A sacred gift offered to us by the divine to allow an insight into the real in our lives. As such, we offer our classes for free, and we do all we can to give you as many of the tools of meditation for free as well.

On this page are links to free guided meditations, free meditation music, free inspirational e-cards, and our free meditation e-zine.

You see we feel if you value only the things you pay money for, then you're never going to get what we're about. There is value in the courses people pay thousands of dollars for, but we hope you'll be enriched by our free offerings instead!

If you do choose to take part in our course, we hope that once you're able, you'll pass on the free gift from the divine, to your friends and family, and enlarge the meditation wave rolling over the world.

Our inspirational e-cards  Our monthly meditation e-zine



Our guided meditations Meditation music

There are two downloads available to the general public: preparing for meditation and an exercise on meditating on a candle flame. Other downloads are contained within the online course - its still free, but you need to sign up to get access to this course.

Alternatively you can sign up to the free Guided Meditations Podcast.

Our audio classes

Sign up to the free online course and you can either read each class online or download it as a mp3 to listen to.

Alternatively you can sign up to the free Learn to Meditate Podcast.

Free Learn to Meditate - Meditation Society of Australia
Our Screen Saver  
What a great way to remember your meditation life - a free screen saver. Download it now and watch it transform your day!  

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