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Welcome become a teacher

Thanks for coming to our Meditation Teacher program. Here at the Meditation Society we are trying to help people learn to meditate without any other agendas.   

You need to be a member of our meditation society first (which is free). If you are not, please join up here. Our course will give you step-by-step practical training in offering meditation classes, organising publicity and facilitating your group, as well as giving you moderated access to our database of meditators in your local area. (Worldwide our database has over half a million meditators)

The first four classes have detailed coaching instructions in how to hold the class and keep students focussed and interested. After that your 'teacher' login will open up 'teacher instructions' to each of the almost 50 classes available on this website, with high quality guided meditation mp3 downloads you can play in class.

There are no Gurus here..

The first and most important thing we must say about becoming a meditation teacher is that you are never a meditation teacher but always a meditation student. The process is of learning from each other; having reverence, humility and respect for each other.

This is important because as soon as you start thinking of yourself in the normal way of a teacher that deserves more respect or prestige than the student or needs to be treated like a ‘guru’ than you have succumbed to the human ego, and that is the beginning of the end.

This is not a course for people who want to be gurus, this is a course for those wanting to simply help people learn the most sacred and most precious art of all, meditation. It is a course for those wonderful souls that have recognised that there is no greater skill, no greater human endeavour, than that of our own self-discovery. If you primarily want money or prestige from meditation than this is not the course for you. click here for more or join now.

Here we go..

Our goal is to give you the resources you need to get your meditation group going. These include;

There is nothing more helpful to your own spiritual practice than meditating in a group on a regular basis.

It will widen and broaden your own sense of self as well as put you in touch with those synchronistically chosen souls you can contribute to and vice versa.



















Are we only in Australia?

  • No, we are forming groups all over the world. So we welcome teachers from everywhere.
  • Our database of meditators has over 500,000 people and only 15% are in Australia.

How much is accreditation?

  • It varies.. sometimes it is free!
  • We recognise that the world has many different economies with very sincere people of varied means.
  • You will need to go here to the join page to find out for sure, because for example, for most third world countries it is free whilst for western countries a very inexpensive $100AUD.


The Meditation Society of Australia exists to help people learn to meditate without any other religious or other agendas.

We are a non-profit organisation funded and operated by volunteers.

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