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the gifts of meditation

Online courseThe man who has no imagination has no wings. - Muhammad Ali

  • Improved physical health - Stress, tension and negative emotions silently erode your life force. As you decrease these negative influences through your meditation, you will experience profound positive effects on your physical health, from increased vitality to a greater sense of general well being.

  • Better life decisions - In the whole history of the world, you are unique, and you have uniquely special path to follow in life. In the silence and stillness of meditation, you will perceive more clearly the still, small voice within that can guide you safely along your life’s path. By bringing you closer to your life’s purpose, meditation sets you free to become more truly and uniquely yourself.

  • You will be happier - Have you noticed that in the past you might have been getting to ‘happy’ but not any ‘happier’. We tend to seek happiness outside ourselves – where we are, what we possess, who we are with - but meditation helps us to realise that real, lasting happiness is an experience which flows from within and exists independently of our outer circumstances. As our meditation evolves, we become increasingly happier.

  • Spiritual Growth - At the very core of your existence lives a being of great beauty, wisdom and delight. This being is none other than your own highest self. Jesus Christ spoke for all faiths when he declared that the “kingdom of heaven is within.” Through meditation you will grow into your highest self, and all its inner wealth will be yours to use in your day-to-day life.

Stress management, Happiness, Peace - the gifts of meditation

  • Inner peace brings outer peace - Everything starts from within! As you develop more inner peace through your practice of meditation, your outer life will become more peaceful as well. Little things start to happen as your life is touched by the expanding inner fragrance of meditation: problems fall away or are resolved more easily; your dealings with people become deeper and more fulfilling; and you will develop new and greater outer capacities.

  • Enhanced Creativity - The essence of real creativity is the same revelatory experience encountered in meditation. Imagine developing the skills to source your infinite creativity at will. Rather than your creative moments arriving at their leisure, with meditation you will be able to discover and explore your infinite potential when you decide.

  • Deeper Sleep - Meditation will have a positive effect on the quality of your sleep. As your mind becomes calmer, you will fall asleep more easily, your dreams will be more soulful and you will sleep more soundly.

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