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Politics of our time

To view the political time of which we live and the nature of the outer world masters we serve from a spiritual perspective, we must be simple.


Let us simply remove the events of the past and present and gauge only the spiritual qualities of this time. Have we grown spiritually as a result of a particular political leader or leaders being in power? Are we more compassionate? More loving? Happier?


With reference to the brothers and sisters of our human family, have our political masters encouraged harmony, love, equality, tolerance and ultimately oneness?


Some political leaders are quite negative. They might even encourage the use of negative spiritual qualities such as fear and panic to maintain control of the masses. In the past, despots like Hitler or Stalin, have found an outside enemy for which to lay blame for internal errors or problems. We might gauge these techniques as if the world was a single person. Do you see how they would plunge a single person into dark depression and/or violence and rather than searching for answers within would cause them to lash out at whatever came close to being perceived as a threat.


These are the unmistakeable signs of  political leadership that negatively affects the world spiritually. Leaders that try to manipulate the masses with fear are akin to spiritual criminals.


We must treat our planet and our people as we should treat ourselves spiritually. That is, just as we are trying to expand the love, peace and joy in every moment of our lives and we are transforming our negative qualities, so we should do the same with our planet and our brothers and sisters upon it.


When you view the world in this way - you may see very quickly - the awesome responsibility those of us that are trying to live a spiritual life hold in relation to the world. We are, in effect, the conscience, the 'inner voice' of our world.


Lasting peace, lasting progress can only come when we can inspire the world's state of mind, and just as it is hard sometimes to hear our own inner voice, the world's consciousness needs to be pricked a little to hear the voice of spirituality.


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