The Feminine Mother Energy of the Universe
The displays of feminine energy are most evident in the mother.

Even in these times the mother is the best example of both conditional and unconditional love. In conditional love the mother loves the child if the child does as she commands. Such as becoming a doctor or a lawyer and not going out with that bad influence from down the road. In unconditional love it would not matter to the mother if her child killed everyone in the street she would still be there at the jail with the file in the cake saying ‘it’s not my johnny’s fault, it was that Johnson kid that was the bad one.’

Masculinity and femininity are as important as each other, although in our patriarchal society masculine energy has been valued more in the past. Now and into the future that is necessarily becoming balanced.

Real femininity has little to do with trying to be more like a man, nor does it have much to do with the traditional wife and mother model of the 1950’s. Real femininity just like real masculinity is more about the flow of love.

Feminine love is compassionate, nurturing and benevolent, but more than anything it is connected. Authentic feminine love walks in another’s’ shoes easily. It is coupled as one. Real feminine energy understands deeply the concerns of not only one another in the human family but in every soul, animal, plant and mineral. Its deep empathy vibrates through the hearts of all.

The mother energy is that which loves us no matter what we do. This is the highest, most divine love of all. A child needs this perfect love that the mother energy uniquely displays. We all need to know that we are children of the universe and that we are being loved no matter what. This is the most necessary of all forms of love and it is only the mother energy that innately shows this. All of our problems in the world stem from this energy not being received. We need to practise receiving and the first is from our mother earth. Whether you believe it or not the truth is there is a ‘Mother Nature’ energy that is constantly loving us and caring for us. We only need to sit for a moment in nature and offer our gratitude to the earth to feel her feminine unconditional love. But more than this we need to feel the mother energy in the universe, the air, the moon, the stars all around us and inside us we are being loved. If we are lucky enough to have parents that have cared for us, then it will be evident there too.

With the reception of love everything starts with gratitude. Even with our parents, if we are able to offer our gratitude their divine feminine love will shine through. Their empathy, their connection with us is very spiritual and the cord it flows along is founded in the feminine energy of both parents.

The ‘mother’ is present in every one of our actions, underlying every step with a connection to the universe that says to us that we are always being helped, we are never alone. Just as a child might tempestuously say to ‘leave me alone’, the mother waits patiently and unconditionally to help wherever she is allowed.

The highest feminine energy increases the flow of love in the universe with unconditional oneness and understanding. We can only be really free when we realise that our highest love is not tied to what we or others do.

Guided Meditation - The Mother
Please read this information on preparing for your meditation

Take a moment to concentrate and feel the authentic mother energy within you.

It is a love that connects with affection, concern and kindness. The highest mother energy does not judge, nor does it try to force change. It is effortless, instinctive intimacy.

The mother energy understands and does not blame. It forgives and does not criticize. Like a transparent wave, it flows through everything without ever finding a hindrance or obstacle. It walks in another’s shoes feeling they are their own.
More than anything it offers safety, security and confidence. The mother energy is always there for you no matter what. It is the ultimate unconditional love born of complete and utter faith in you.

Picture yourself sitting amidst a huge rainforest. There is a silence and a stillness, a calm serenity, but at the same time the rainforest is completely alive with the color and noise of millions of varied and different life forms. Each in perfect balance with each other, there are lives being born in this instant and others passing on. There is wind and rain and light and shade - everything in perfect balance.

Imagine for a moment that there is one energy, one mother energy that keeps all this in harmony. A love that joins the rain and light with the leaves and the flowers, that unites the decaying forest floor with the earth and sun, where not one atom of excrement is wasted, not one atom does not have a perfect fit and purpose. Then place yourself amongst it, this is where you belong. Sit and feel that uniting energy and realise that the mother energy is flowing through every leaf here in the forest, through every rustle in the trees, through every blade of grass, through every single atom of you. There is not one more important than another, every atom has its special place, and every atom is essential and loved.

Then realise that this mother energy is around us all the time. There is a universal mother, just as there is mother earth and that feminine energy is within us and must be utilised for us to be complete.

For us to be whole we need to balance the power and creativity of the masculine with the compassionate loving kindness and oneness of the feminine mother. Breathe deeply and love more and more.