Constructing heaven
The unfolding light
When we contemplate our spiritual unfolding from darkness to light, not only is there a sense of us leaving our negativities, our fear, anxieties, anger and doubt and aligning ourselves with our love, wisdom, peace and joy, but also there is a feeling of a weight gradually being removed. As though in some way we are becoming lighter, more free.

As we release ourselves from the outer constructs of ourselves what naturally radiates from the inmost recesses of our existence is the lightness and freedom and joy of the real – the kingdom of heaven within us – that defines our real and eternal nature.
"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, ‘til he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks in his cavern." - William Blake.
Is it not also uncanny the fact that when we are in the dark we feel ourselves imprisoned, enslaved – that even though our conditioning usually paints freedom as the ability to have any material or physical need immediately fulfilled – the reality of the darkness is that far from freeing – it enchains us.

This weight might be conceived as the weight of attachment to the world and physical and material desires, and it is removed by the seeker becoming aware of the spiritual realities of our unfolding.

We have no choice but to progress.

There is one very important dynamic to all of this, one cosmic rule: we must evolve, we simply must. That is what this life is about. We have no choice but to progress. This is crucial for as we have said before, we cannot progress by staying the same.

Often, our common hope, is for everything to stay unchanged, we know what has come in the past, we hope to have a degree of safety by keeping all of our experiences within the realm of what has been experienced before. As you know this is impossible simply because we must evolve. Even if we perform the exact same action 100 times straight after one another, we will still find that each moment is different from the last, that the flow of revelation and life-lessons remains unabated and indeed, largely unattached, to the actions that we are performing.

Consider that for a moment, for it may seem that there are parallel universes inside of us. One that is negotiating the day-to-day struggles of fate on the surface of our lives and another that is solely focused on our evolving spiritual journey, on making sure that we pay attention to the lessons of our soul, and the heaven within us.

You will find that this polarization of universes is sometimes helpful in increasing our mindfulness of our spiritual journey, but ultimately there is a very natural state that simply allows our spiritual urgings to be the centre of our experience and our so-called ‘outer’ life radiates from it.

"Driven by the force of love, the fragments of the world seek each other that the world may come into being." - Teilhard De Chardin Having said that, it is crucial to be aware of the very few ways the spiritual revelations and lessons of our soul are communicated to us.

The most important method is in the intuitive revelations we feel in meditative moments. The second avenue is via our spiritual dreams. Finally the only other way is by way of the events of our lives, the coincidences and lessons we discern from the daily experiences of fate.

Do you see where this is leading? If we are not conscious of our meditative moments, if we do not listen to the lessons of our dreams, then there is only one other option for us to progress and that is through the circumstances of our lives.

Imagine, what follows, if we do not recognize the lessons as they appear in the daily to-and-fro of fate, there is only one thing that can happen and that is for the circumstances to become more and more extreme until the lessons they are offering are so obvious and so confronting, we have no choice but to discover them, albeit often very slowly and painfully.

"Matter has reached the point of beginning to know itself. Man is a star's way of knowing about stars" - George Wald Can you imagine how this works in terms of our unfolding from darkness to light. When we are in darkness, it seems we have absolutely no control, that our life is a rollercoaster of one extreme circumstance to the next.

We might wonder what we have done to deserve the things that happen to us, as though every day is a fight with fate. We probably start the day with fear of what is going to happen today and feel that our lives are something that we have to summon every gram of our strength just to cope with.

Conversely, can you imagine that someone living in the light is able to consciously accelerate their progress. They are intentionally living in the moment, aware of the opportunity for lessons and revelations in every second, listening to their dreams and meditations and easily and blissfully rolling along on top of fate.

People in light, have no fear, for no event or circumstance can remove them from their conscious awareness at every moment of the infinite heaven within them.

The removal of fear from one’s life is the most powerful catalyst that can be offered to the seeker’s spiritual life, as it is the absolute antithesis of love. To be put plainly, fear creates hell, love reveals heaven.  

Creating heaven
Over the course of the classes, we have been saying that the kingdom of heaven is here now, and it is for us to open ourselves to our own pure revelation of that reality inside of our own hearts.

But for a moment imagine creating a perfect heaven yourself, a place that people came to learn and grow and evolve, a place where they would learn about and experience their real infinite and eternal nature. Imagine creating a place where your children could evolve as fast as possible.

You might need to create some basic laws. The first might be that everyone has to progress, however slowly. Those that really are very slow, will be cajoled and perhaps even forced to make the leaps they need to progress, while those consciously trying to be good students will be empowered and inspired to travel at an accelerated pace, with a full measure of encouragement and perhaps (often) a full measure of help.

The next to create balance might be as simple as every action creates a reaction – that whatever you give you get in return.†

You might like to entertain the idea of a final law, where although you do not wish to distract your children from their major task, you still want them to have fun and be a little spoilt, so you might decree that whatever they want they get and it is for them to choose.

Obviously from your perspective, it would seem logical that if they want something from the dark you make it considerably harder to obtain than the natural flow of gifts from the light of love. But to get the things they want they might have to imagine the thing they want and focus on that thing and eventually it would become a reality.

In a perfect heaven, it would seem logical that the consciousness of your children would directly reflect upon their feeling of well-being. Perhaps even a method of communicating what they were doing wrong would help. But above all they should be loved, infinitely and unconditionally and have the capacity to connect to that love, and feel the way it connects all souls.

You might think that in a perfect school, the opportunity for role-playing would be a great help. To place your children in a multitude of different life-scenarios where they might more quickly learn important lessons. This might be an opportunity where the seeker having problems in a particular area would be placed in a scenario where a particular major lesson would be powerfully presented to the seeker for resolution.

Finally you might create a few methods of communicating your lessons. An inner intuitive voice, might be the most obvious. Perhaps night dreams where the seeker could be guided through virtual reality lifetimes and truths revealed.

To end with, you might connect the events of every moment on your heaven, as a kind of theatre of coincidence, where no event happens for no reason and where everything perfectly reflects consciousness.

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All things from the beginning are in their nature Being itself”– Ashvaghosha (Buddhist)

Do you see how this heaven is our earth?

1. Everyone must progress

2. Whatever you give you get in return

3. Love empowers and unites everything

4. Multiple lives give multiple chances

5. Communication methods (dreams, conscience and life events)

6. Everything naturally becomes easier.

The Crossroad
Please read this information on preparing for your meditation

For this exercise I would like you to imagine yourself walking alone in a desert. You are alone but not lonely as this walking seems more of a contemplation.

This desert a place to remove yourself from the distractions of the world. After a time you find yourself at a crossroad and you are immediately aware that this crossroad has three options.

You feel in your heart, that these options represent your destiny and each path a different possible future. You feel as though it is possible to walk down any of the paths and return as you choose. And you feel compelled to try them all.

The first path is your lowest possible future. It is defined by your inability to focus on your spiritual aspirations and your ignorance of the inner promptings and intuitive leanings of your heart. Take 2 or 3 steps down this path imagining with each step a month is passing. See yourself falling into this possible future and imagine how you might be feeling - imagine how your life would be unfolding. You might see the confusion and unhappiness, even depression that might arise from not being in touch with yourself.

When you are ready return to the crossroad and step straight ahead down your middle possible future.

With each step you might find that your spiritual endeavours are important to you but they often neglected, put to the bottom of the pile underneath the day to day struggles of our busy lives. Every so often you will commit to something of spiritual significance in your life but find that perhaps because of lack of time or commitment you do not follow through. You are, however, somehow making progress and you do find yourself gradually evolving. When you are ready, return to the crossroad.

Finally, take a few steps and keep walking down the path of your highest possible future. Down this path, you have had the solid realisation that your spiritual life is the most important thing in your life. You have seen that if you allow your heart to be the centre of your being - directing your mind, body and emotions - you make solid progress, you are infinitely happier with yourself, you progress the fastest.

Look into the future 6 months, 1 year, 5 years. Imagine what sort of person you would be in five years time having meditated daily from today.
• You will be healthier having learned to hurl negative thought patterns from your consciousness.
• You will be peaceful and self-assured, confident in yourself and your ability to make major life decisions by consulting your own deepest inmost nature.
• You might be amazing yourself with your creativity in music or art or poetry.
• You find that you are able to intuitively understand people so much better, and rather than competing with them, you might be feeling as though they are a participant in you.
• You will have discovered a clear life purpose. Imagine how much clarity and satisfaction that will reveal in your life. And then having seen who you might be in five years, step 10 or twenty years into the future and see how you might feel about yourself then.

Having meditated for twenty years, I would like you to imagine how you might meditate there. Imagine the thoughts you would allow in your consciousness. You will have transformed all the hate or anger in your life. Depression or unhappiness will be words from a very long time ago that you might have trouble even imagining.

Sit there 20 years in the future and meditate as you might.

When you are ready to finish, consider one last thing. The only major difference between you now, and you, having meditated for twenty years and following your highest possible destiny is the thoughts you allow into your state of mind.

Resolve right now, to stay in this consciousness, and one assimilated, use it as the starting point for the rest of your spiritual life.