Are we all victims?
Our world is geared towards victims and most of us feel that is what we are. We are victims of the events of our life, we 'deal' with life, 'struggle' through its trials and tribulations, for 'life was not meant to be easy' - we have to work hard to get what we want in our 'dog eat dog' world.

We are the victims of our bodies. Have you ever noticed a baby when they soil their nappy in the beginning, they have no idea it was them that did it? Our body is too young, we poo in our nappy and then we smile or act as if it is not our fault - we are the victim. We just poo, we don't really know how or why it happened but we are sure someone will clean it up.

As time goes on gradually we are able to show the baby that it is them that is making the mess and they are obliged to poo responsibly. But still we are victims of our bodies.

Our bodies are decaying and wrinkling and sick, dying and sad. We need less fat here and more muscle there, our bodies are never pretty enough or strong enough, again we are the victim. Then we are old and pooing in a nappy again.

We are the victims of our circumstances. Our parents did not give us enough love or opportunity or money. Our school did not have good enough teachers or enough facilities or was too crowded or too backward.

And every politician, every government will tell us that it is not our fault, that we are victims of the last government or the peoples of another country, or the global economy and everything is about to be ok, now that they are in charge. We are victims of their lies, of their incapacity to fix all of our problems. They love us as victims for we are in their power.

We are all victims every night on the news. We hear about all the victims, all of the people that died or who are sick or who are worse off than us.

All the people that were bullied or murdered or stepped on or over. Where is the good news - the wonderful things that happen to 99.99% of the people 99.99% of the time? No, what we are told over and over again is we are victims, we have been victims or we are about to be victims.

Why are we victims?

We are all victims because that is the ego's view of us. We are all separate from each other, living in fear or anxiety of the future and regrets or worries from the past. These stories are how the ego defines itself. Because it does not exist in the now, it is constantly telling us it is real with stories from the past and the future.

In this world of victims we are 'dealing' with life, the challenges it throws us in the best way we can. But everything is so fickle, one day there is a tornado, the next day we are bankrupt.

One day there is a shark while we are swimming and we are dead or without a leg or an arm. One day we have a beautiful home that we have worked all of our lives for and in one minute it is burnt to the ground by a fire.

We are victims because that is where the ego exists, where its reality is proven over and over again. "I exist because look at what has happened to me or how sick I am or that I might die." The ego exists because it is a victim of its own past or future. The ego says to the universe, 'I exist. See how much pain 'I' am in! 'I' exist!'

Ultimately we are victims because we are not the creators. We are just unwitting participants, forced into this life, by some unseen hand of God or fate or collision of chemicals. We are victims because the events of our life are not of our choosing, they happen and we have to try and respond.

We are victims just like a little baby who has soiled his nappy, does not realise that it is him that has caused it, and trusts that someone will clean it up.

From a spiritual point of view nothing could be further from the truth. Not one of us is a victim because we each are the creator. We create it all.

Reclaim your power!

When we realise this we stop handing responsibility for our lives to others. We stop believing it is our parent's responsibility, or our government's, or our teacher's, or our God, or even our friends. And when we start to live this, the universe responds more and more intimately.

Aren't we all just 'pooing' in our own nappies now and looking for others to blame? Aren't we all then walking around with our 'pooey' nappy saying to everyone - 'Look how pooey it is' - and asking the world to see how we are victims of our own nappy.

Right now, whether you want to believe it or not, our universe is being created by our thoughts and intentions. It is being proved over and over again that our world today is the manifestation of our collective consciousness.

Each one of us is creating this mess and then standing and smiling with our 'pooey' nappies and saying 'it wasn't me!', it was God or fate or luck or whatever but I didn't do it.

This is simply to say that we all have God within us and that includes God the creator. There is not a single thought that we have that does not rearrange the atoms of the universe in exactly the manner we are dreaming them up.

To take this a step further, imagine for a moment that every thought of yours was creating reality, then you might see that whilst you imagine yourself a victim, the universe will respond by making you one.

To be sure, whilst you imagine yourself as 'the' creator, then you might start to have the faith and trust and love of yourself to realise that you can create any life for yourself that you choose.

For a moment, just imagine you were the universe trying to manifest your commands. Think about the thoughts you have every hour. One moment you think you might want to be an astronaut, the next that donut looks like the most important and luscious thing in the world, the next, a fast car might be great, but then how can I ever do any of all that because I am a victim.

A victim of the education system, or our society, or global warming or whatever. Do you see how hard it is for the universe? How hard it is to manifest what we choose?

What we are really doing by being victims, is being liars. We are lying to the world, we are lying to ourselves, we are lying to the universe, telling everyone that we are not responsible. We are standing here with poo in our nappy saying it wasn't us, it just somehow got soiled.

But we are responsible. We choose our life. We chose to come here. We chose our friends and family, the country, the place. We chose our time and our mission, and we gave ourselves magnificent and glorious goals and then we choose to be victims.

We choose daily to belittle ourselves by ignoring our responsibility for ourselves. We choose to lie over and over again that it is someone else's fault, God or fate or our parents, so we can be victims of life, instead of who we are, the creator.

It is time for us to be true. To be authentic to ourself and the universe by realising our real role here. As we are more true, and have more trust and faith in ourself, as we stop lying, the universe will respond more and more. When finally we come to realise this, our word will be our command.

The universe will be our creation, and we will realise that the flow of grace, the flow of love, flows through every moment.

Guided Meditation - Reclaim you
Please read this information on preparing for your meditation

Reflect for a moment on your past.

Accept it.

Take everything that has happened and for a moment, in this moment, now, entertain the idea that everything that has happened has happened exactly as it was supposed to. You have created your life as a perfect reflection of the thoughts and intentions you have had in the past.

You created it all.

There is no-one to blame, there are no regrets, it is all just a perfect manifestation of your thoughts and intentions. If you affected others negatively take a moment to ask the universe and/or God and/or the soul you affected for forgiveness, then release it and trust that you have done all you can.

Believe it or not, you came into their life because their thoughts attracted and needed that experience and your thoughts advertised that you would be able to offer it. So just offer your love over and over again and realise completely that there is nothing higher you can offer to another soul, or to be even clearer, that aspect of yourself.

Then take a moment to ponder your future. If you feel fear or anxiety about what might happen, trust for this moment completely in yourself.

Believe in all your heart that you create your future and that you will create the highest outcomes for yourself. You cannot fail.

Everything that happens are just steps forward. Just as it might take 99 times falling off the bicycle to finally ride it on the 100th attempt, view every attempt as necessary for what we might call the ultimate success.

There is no failure, there are only steps forward, you cannot step backward if you tried.

Then be completely in this moment now and realise that this moment now, is your point of connection with creation.

Be completely conscious and choose to create consciously. Realise again that the highest you can do in this life is to be in the flow of love. To love without conditions or expectations as many souls as you can.

Create yourself exactly as you imagine yourself to be in your highest.

Radiate that highest, new version of yourself and allow yourself to be that person.

Release your old regrets from the past and be enthusiastic with whatever your future might unfold.

You are the creator of you.

Every part of you and your world is created by you.