WAR! What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing (say it again)
There is nothing so incongruous to humanity as war. All combatants are scarred deeply for ever and ever. No one ever truly wins in battle.

Civilians are similarly affected, most carry wounds carved into their physical, emotional and spiritual lives for more than a lifetime.

Of the many wars and resistance movements across the globe, the war in Ukraine is particularly gruesome, unfair and bloody. It also is receiving the most media exposure and having the largest effect emotionally and mentally.

Many of us feel anxious, sad and even depressed, it cycles endlessly around and around in our thoughts and feelings.

It is crucial that we strive for peace.

Spiritually it is us that creates our world. For there to be war there must be hate and anger in our minds and hearts. We can say we want peace and perhaps this war will soon end, but whilst there is still hate and anger, another war will have to vent us.

Our actions to counter this, are usually more hate and anger, sometimes traversing multiple generations and often infecting even our genes. Peace is buried deeper and deeper.

We crave revenge. We want what we perceive as justice.

The most powerful and greatest contribution we can make to lasting peace though, is to radiate the exact opposite of hate and anger; love and peace. This may seem trite or even naive against the backdrop of the horrors of war but the answer being simple does not mean the action is any less true or easy. To love those that have acted with voluminous hate stretches the bounds of sanity.

But as you know, this is not something we need to go find, our real, innermost nature is love, all we need to do is be still, dive deep within and be love, be our real self. Whilst we are angry or hateful we live on the surface of our life, in our ego, thinking we finish where our body ends and separated by our perceived differences. Many years erect the myths higher and higher. As soon as we are able to be still and silent and rest in love we realise we are not separate but we are each other, that nature, animals, rocks and earth are all our own heart and even our ‘so-called’ human enemies, are our family.

War feels wasteful rather than just. It feels ludicrous and vacuous rather than purposeful. Against the backdrop of love and oneness, war feels infantile, childish; but that is a travesty, for it is only egos that choose war, stupid egos that exist only to our last breath, like sandcastles washed away by the tide. As we breathe no more we see it all clearer than the clearest day in a sea of regret that we are each other, each and every other, not the labels of color or creed, of time or space, of birth or death, we are each other.

Guided Meditation - Creating peace and connection
Please read this information on preparing for your meditation

It has been said that we have to forgive those we have blamed for us to be free.

For this meditation let us not blame, let us not reflect on those who others might think are our enemies, let us breathe in the love, the unconditional love that frees us, all of us, in this moment.

Let your breath, deepen and slow. Let your body relax and become still.

Breathing in stillness, letting go of movement.

"Do not blame and then there is no one to forgive."

Breathe in peace, breathe out restlessness

Keep focussing, feeling your breaths becoming slower and deeper and more and more still

Imagine for a moment that you could be the biggest and most powerful force in the entire world. You are an almighty light that radiates across the planet. As you breathe in feel your power growing, your light brightening. As you breathe out, feel yourself radiating without condition to every rock, every plant, every animal, to all of nature.

Breathing in you feel even more powerful, even brighter

Breathing out you realise that as you radiate you are connecting with more and more things

Breathing in you realise that this connection is making you even more powerful, even more luminous

Continue in this way until you no longer have to use words or labels, but you feel a flow.