Open Source Meditation

We are the creators of Open Source Meditation, a non-profit, open exploration of all meditation techniques, styles and traditions without any of the obligations or hidden agendas.

Open Source Meditation is open, rational and logical. It says real meditation is not exclusive to one religion or one meditation technique or science or even one sport or one field of art or creative expression. Meditation is free and open to all just as open source software is free and open.

Meditation put simply, is the new common sense. It should not be encumbered by the fundamentalism of one group, religion or even science. Secularists and atheists can meditate just as effectively as meditators that are religious, whether that be Mindfulness meditation, or Buddhist meditation, transcendental meditation, Christian meditation, Zen meditation, chakra meditation or Islamic styles of meditation.

Nearly all popular meditation groups are tied to a specific style or religion. Some, for example, advocate just one meditation technique, mantra meditation, and to be financially committed to their group.

Most religious meditation groups similarly focus on their religion and usually one meditation technique, for example, mindfulness meditation. Open Source Meditation is no different to Open Source software, multiple contributors develop and evolve the functionality for the benefit of all. more

30 Day Meditation Mastery course FREE

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  • Our meditation mastery is a completely new course written by Sunirmalya, that will take you through the steps to meditation mastery. We stand at the precipice of an amazing, unparalleled new decade and this course, could be the spiritual renewal you are looking for.
  • Starting on day 1 of the 2020's, Meditation Mastery features a topic, a meditation and a bunch of actions you can take for each day.
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  • Sunirmalya no longer charges a fee for any of his work. "My highest and best offering is a sacred gift. Seekers can donate if they want to help, our goal is to get the world meditating without the cults, the ads or other obligations."