Transcending The Ego
It's not a mistake

Many times spiritual seekers put themselves inadvertently in conflict with themselves. The ego is an example of this. Many feel that the ego must be conquered or supressed or even completely disregarded or ignored. As though, for some reason, the ego was a mistake and we have to do all we can to ignore or overlook or disown it.

The ego is not a mistake, it is not a hindrance, it is not a curse, the ego is our life’s curriculum of ‘doing’ for the expansion of our ‘being’. My ego is the one who knows most what this life is for. So I watch my ego carefully and soulfully receive the gifts it brings to me in the events and teachers of the world.

The ego is actually probably the most important aspect of us in this life and it is an absolutely awesome design. It tells the story of how we think about ourselves and our universe. Everything is mirrored in our ego.

Just for a moment let’s explore the ego a little.

It is designed to be completely our creation. Every thought we think and the emphasis and intent we give to a thought, has an effect on the creation or transformation of our ego. We are completely and ineffably the authors of our ego.

Just as in the last class we talked about the body and mind actually being aspects of the soul, the same is true of the ego.

The human ego is the result of our fearful and separatist thoughts. But the divine ego, also within us, is the result of our intuitive ‘aah’ experiences of deep unconditional love. They are the one ego, but there is a vast range of experiences between the human and divine ego.

The human ego is completely imprisoned by time. Everything that has happened and everything that is waiting to happen is the domain of the human ego, and it is all about the drama of the events themselves, the doings of this world. This moment now, typically in the opinion of the human ego, is not nearly as important as what has happened or what will happen.

The human ego is completely and utterly time bound consumed by the past and what it has done and the future and what it is waiting to do. This is the world of doing. This is where it lives.

The human ego does not exist in the world of now. It has no role in the present moment and being. In divine love - it does not exist or rather it has been transformed into the one universal ego.

The divine ego is all about now, which is the entrance way to eternity and this encompasses the past and the future. Think about this for a moment, if we can really be present in the now, we actually are also automatically free of regrets and worry about the past and anxiety and fear about the future. More than this if we can be completely present in the now, what we actually find is that we are completely in the divine ego, which is the experience of unconditional love and bliss, of being.

But it is important for us to reflect again on the role of the ego. It is the curriculum of doing for the expansion of our being. i.e. it is creating the environment in this life for the expansion of our experience of love. The ego is our life’s curriculum of ‘doing’ for the expansion of our ‘being’

It draws to it by our thoughts and intentions, the people, animals, places and events that we need to have to grow and evolve. So it is for us as spiritual seekers to take ownership and look around at our life and see why some people, for example, are holding us back and why we have attracted them and why we let them continue to cultivate resistance in us. Conversely we also need to offer more reverence and gratitude to those in our lives that are inspiring and elevating us.

The same applies to the place we live, the town, the country, the animals in our life etc. , the places we love and have inspired us, the music, the art, the events of our life. In this context, every thing, every single thing in this life is a miracle of our own doing. There is not a single breath, not a heart beat, that we have not contributed to. Expanding God's Oneness = EGO

Our journey is not a journey, it is a revelation of our real nature, the nature of the real us, the divine ego. The human ego is just for the shade and color of the drama, for embellishing the story for making the way we love wider and deeper.

In the movies we wait through the excruciating two or more hours of two lovers that will never meet, only for our experience of their love to be heightened immensely when in the last 5 minutes they do finally and climatically come together. There is quite a bit of this in relation to the human ego, we are all lost lovers that will eventually be reunited in the divine ego and realise that we are all a part of each other. For now, the deliciousness of the theatre, the drama of the events, the awesome fun of life and the knowledge that there are no mistakes makes us delight in our ego and the blessingful gift of this life.

Guided Meditation - Human Ego to Divine Ego
Please read this information on preparing for your meditation

Sit for a moment and reflect on the curriculum of your life. The time, the space you were born and live. Ponder the gifts you have been offered. Some you might have perceived as bad, others as good, take a moment now to be with them all. The events, the people.

The places in your life. Where you were born, where you grew up. meditate on gratitude to those places – see if you can feel why they are so important to you, to your life and to how you have grown and evolved.

As time has passed, many of us moved to other places, met other friends, developed new relationships.

Be with all the doings of your life. Imagine your life as a play in a theatre and you are moving about everything you have done recognising the important components and offering them gratitude. See if you can see the gifts of the important coincidences, the synchronicities that perhaps have revealed a guiding hand or hands and offer gratitude and awe for all of those things too.

See the animals that have been important to you. Recognise their positive qualities that helped you widen and develop as a person. And also be aware of what you considered negative and realise their importance. 

See the humans that are and have been in your life, the real characters of your play. Take the time to really analyse them. For a moment see if you can imagine that every single person in your life are in your life exactly as you have designed them. There is not a single person that appears to you in any other way than the way you want them to appear. This might be easy to imagine for those that inspire you or that you appreciate, but see if you can take it a step further and recognise that even those that you don’t like or that you consider an enemy you have created in exactly the form they are appearing. There is a reason they are in your play, a reason you wanted them in your story – offer gratitude as you explore why.

Acknowledge that this version of you, this story is interesting but does not represent the whole and deeper aspects of you. You are much grander than your doings, you are much more magnificent than any life event you have ever been involved in. You are not just your story, the roles that you perform in this life. That tiny human ego. You are not just the play in the theatre.

You are in reality every place, every animal, every human that you have ever experienced. You are everything that you have done and everything that you have not done.

As you go deeper and deeper with this you will feel yourself becoming more and more aware of your divine ego. This life of yours has been a beautiful, loving and expansive adventure of you discovering your vast oneness. We have been experiencing ourselves as separate to widen and deepen and enhance our experience of our beautiful oneness.

See yourself walking into a huge temple – the most beautiful temple you can imagine and look around and see that on the walls of the temple are all the moments of great love in your life. The places, the animals, the nature, the people and the doings. As you gaze in awe at all these beautiful moments let it expand and grow and see the souls in your life and their stories and their moments of great love. Recognise that this temple is nothing other than your own heart and here more than it being just your human love separate from the whole, recognise that all love is here. All the souls in the universe are in this temple and all their magnificent stories. This temple is made up of your aah moments, those times when you touched the divine, not the noise and bluster of your human ego, but the expansive silence and stillness of divine love in timelessness.

You let yourself meditate more and more in this temple and recognise the vastness nad wonder of all the stories of all the souls. All their events, all their doings and then breathlessly, let yourself recognise their love, their oneness, their being.

Our divine ego is so stunning. It is birthless and deathless, infinite and eternal, we are all it and we are one. Thank your human ego for this wonderful life and all its stories and diversity of experience, but realise your vastness in the unconditional love of the real you, your divine ego.