The simplest book God ever wrote - Sunirmalya

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Life is simple! This book is to help you with the effortless ways you can be happy and fulfilled. You will find over and over again that these simple truths feel like things you already knew. And you do - the eternal simple truths are inside each of us. Why would God have made it difficult? And being written by God, you know you can trust it. After all isnít she the one that made life the fun, loving plaything that it is?
† "The simplest book God ever wrote" was actually written with a little help from the Meditation Society of Australia's own Sunirmalya Symons and is presented in the same entertaining and easy to understand format as the free online meditation course. Each chapter discusses a topic from the spiritual point of view (e.g. relationships, money, work, happiness) and contains a very simple guided meditation at the end.