A Quarter Second From Eternity - Sunirmalya

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This is a tale of life, death, love and much more. In a quarter of a second sometimes our whole lives change. Planes crash, people die, others are reborn. Sometimes in a quarter of a second we are so embraced by the vastness of eternity that a greater purpose is revealed.
When nine complete strangers are facing death on board a stricken 747, their experiences unite them and completely change their lives.
Do we have guides? Soul groups? Soul mates? Does our life really flash before our eyes at the end? Why are most of us imprisoned by our past or even our futures? What happens when we die? Is suffering really necessary? Are we coming to a momentous tipping point as a society?
Written by the Meditation Society of Australia's own Sunirmalya Symons, if you love the free online meditation course you will love this book.